7 MM Remington Magnum on Mauser
98 action with custom wood stock
glass-bedded with Brownell's
.270 Win. on Mauser 98 Action and  
Bell and Carlson Medalist stock with
full-length aluminum bedding block.
A Custom-Built rifle is the dream of most avid hunters and varminters.  Below you will find some
examples of the extraordinary care and craftsmanship upon which we pride ourselves.  All of our
custom rifles are built to the customers specifications including but not limited to: caliber, type of
stock, stock dimensions, finish, and scope preferences.

We have a supply of the finest Claro and English Black Walnut for custom stocks.  Customers have
their choice of blanks.

We have included some sample targets so you can judge for yourself the accuracy we strive for.  Each
and every one of our hunting rifles is guaranteed to shoot with 1/2 minute-of-angle accuracy.

The varmint rifles we build are guaranteed to shoot less than 1/2 minute-of-angle groups at one
hundred yards, and most approach the holy grail of five shot cloverleafs.
The rifles we build have the capability to match the skills of the finest riflemen and women.

When you consider this and the fact that our rifles are within the financial reach of most hunters, you
have a rare and winning combination!!!
.338 Win. Mag on Mauser 98 Action with
custom wood stock, muzzle brake, and
complete glass bedding of receiver and
.300 Win. Mag on 03-A3 Springfield
Action with custom wood stock and
.243 Win. on Ruger M-77 Action with
wood stock fully glass bedded with
Timney Trigger
.30-06 on Mauser 98 Action and glass
bedded on  Bell and Carlson Medalist
stock with full length aluminum
Bedding block.
The three images above show a .280 Remington on Mauser 98 Action with custom wood stock and glass bedded with Brownell's Accra-Glass.
Close-ups show the care we take with the details on every gun we build.
When we begin a new custom rifle project we start with the action selected by the customer.  This can be either a
Mauser, Remington, Winchester Mod 70, CZ-USA, Dakota or Ruger.

We then completely blueprint the action.  We begin by milling the receiver face to absolute true in the lathe, hand
lap the bolt lugs to the receiver recesses, polish the bolt rails and numerous other steps to make the action
conform exactly to original specifications.

We then do all of the bolt work which includes truing the bolt face to absolute 90 degrees to the bore, polishing,
installation of custom parts per customer's requirements,  etc.

We then do all of the barrel work by milling the primary and secondary barrel shoulders to mate exactly with the

We use Shilen Match-Grade Barrels almost exclusively, but our customers have the choice of barrel
manufacturers such as Shilen, Douglas, Lilja, etc.

Once final bluing, assembly, and chambering is finished we install the barreled action to the finished stock of the
customer's choice and test fire the gun.

We always include a target with the rifle when it is delivered to the customer to verify the accuracy and to assure
the customer that they are getting the finest most affordable rifle possible
This group was shot on
August 2, 2008.  It is from
the .338 Win Mag described
above before delivery to
the customer.  
Approximately 3/8" center
to center
This group was shot by
customer Travis G. with
the .30-06 described
above.  1 1/2" high at 100
yds. using handloads.
Combined Technolgies
Ballistic Silvertip.
We will be adding more
sample targets at a later
date.  These are typical of
the accuracy achieved by
the rifles we build.
This 4 shot group was
shot with the above .223
varmint rifle by Ray T.
and measures 3/8" @
100 yards using factory
Remington 55 gr bullet on
The above varmint rifle was built on a CZ-527 action with a Shilen Match Grade barrel.  The entire action and barrel are glass bedded and it has a
Leupold VX-3 6.5X-20X scope with 30mm tube and Varmint Hunter reticle.  The Thumb-hole stock is hand carved from our own supply of 45 year
old English black walnut.  Please see the target below.
The above rifle is a .300 Winchester Magnum built on a Remington 798 action.  It has a Shilen Match Grade .30 cal barrel, Timney Trigger, Tubbs
Speed-Lok firing pin and spring.  It is mounted on a Bell and Carlson Medalist Stock that is completely glass bedded in addition to having the
full-length aluminum bedding block.  Scope is a Leupold VX-3 3.5X-10X with Boone and Crockett reticle.  Built for Joe G of Pleasanton, CA for
2009 Elk Hunting trip in Montana.
The above rifle is a 458 Winchester Magnum built on a  Mauser action.  It has pre-ban African elephant ivory spacers between the black African
ebony grip cap and fore-end and the Pachmeyer 990 recoil pad. The presentation grade stock is custom carved and checkered and has a
shadow-line cheeckpiece.. This cutom rifle also sports a gold plated Timney trigger, Tubbs Speed-Lok firing pin and spring, N.E.G.C. Express
sights and hinged floorplate.  All markings are engraved as is the floorplate.  Rifle built for Dr. Jim P. of Modesto, CA, for an upcoming trip to Africa
in 2011.